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تلممبه دوشاخ SKS USP

تلممبه دوشاخ SKS USP

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تلممبه دوشاخ SKS USP

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Introducing the USP Professional Suspension Pump made by SKS. Being Constructed from T-3103 Aluminium it means that this pump is strong and lightweight making for a much more comfortable experience with the pump

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‎۰ تومان


  • precision gauge with 0,2 bar division
  • max. divergence only 2,5%
  • pressure release button
  • delivered in high-quality wooden box
  • valve connection for Auto-/Schrader valve
  • valve: all kinds of valves
  • length: 278mm
  • ouput max: 22 bar / 315 PSI
  • weight: 325g

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رنگ آلمینیوم
وزن 325.0000

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