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SIGMA ROX 10 Black

کامپیوتر دوچرخه سیگما ROX 10.0 GPS-Black

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  • SIGMA ROX 10 Black SIGMA ROX 10 Black

کامپیوتر دوچرخه سیگما ROX 10.0 GPS-Black

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The guide

The new ROX 10.0 GPS is the first SIGMA SPORT bike computer with GPS. With its ANT+ compatibility, GPS receiver, and route navigation, it impresses as a bike computer with that extra something.

Thanks to its five navigation functions, nine bike, nine heart rate, eight performance, and five altitude measuring functions, as well as several other func-
tions, the ROX 10.0 GPS is the perfect companion for any professional athlete in training. The PC interface and comprehensive DATA CENTER 3 evaluation and planning modules with map connection provide everything users could need when it comes to analyzing and planning training and trips.

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ROX 10.0 GPS Features

Bike functions

    Current speed
    Average speed
    Maximum speed
    Current vs. average speed comparison
    Current expansion**
    Average expansion**
    Current cadence**
    Average cadence**
    Maximum cadence**

Heart rate functions

    Current heart rate**
    Average heart rate**
    Maximum heart rate**
    HR as a % of HR max**
    Average % of HR max**
    One target zone**
    Four intensity zones**
    Automatic calculation of the intensity/ target and HR zone(s)**

Time functions

    Training time
    Trip time
    Time (12/24 h)
    Countdown timer

Power functions

    Current power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
    Three-second average power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
    30-second average power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
    Average power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
    Maximum power (Formula /ANT+)**/***
    Work in kJ (Formula /ANT+)**/***
    Current power in watt/kg (Formula /ANT+)**/***
    One power target zone (Formula /ANT+)**/***

Temperature functions

    Current temperature
    Minimum temperature
    Maximum temperature

Altitude measurement functions

    Current altitude
    Gradient (%)
    Current incline rate
    Elevation profile for the next 3 mi
    Elevation profile for the last 3 mi

Uphill functions

    Altitude gain
    Maximum altitude
    Distance uphill
    Trip time uphill
    Average speed uphill
    Maximum rate of ascent
    Average incline uphill
    Maximum incline uphill
    Average expansion uphill**

Downhill functions

    Altitude loss
    Distance downhill
    Trip time downhill
    Average speed downhill
    Maximum rate of descent
    Average slope downhill
    Maximum slope downhill
    Average expansion downhill**

Status functions

    Low battery indicator in %
    GPS accuracy
    GPS signal strength

Navigation functions

    Time to destination
    Time at destination
    Distance to destination
    Mini track navigation for the next 1 mi

Favorite functions

    Favorites A
    Favorites B

Lap functions

    Maximum no. of laps (784)
    Current no. of laps
    Lap time
    Time since start
    Lap distance
    Distance since start
    Average speed per lap
    Maximum speed per lap
    Average HR per lap
    Maximum HR per lap
    Kcal per lap
    Average cadence per lap**
    Maximum cadence per lap**
    Average power per lap**
    Maximum power per lap**
    Average altitude per lap
    Maximum altitude per lap
    Altitude gain per lap
    Altitude loss per lap
    Average ascent per lap
    Average descent per lap


    LOG book
    GPS receiver
    Low battery indicator-computer
    5 available languages
    Automatic start/stop (Can be switched on/off)
    Automatic detection of the second or third bike (3)**
    Backlight duration configurable
    Zone alarm can be switched on/off**
    Adjustable contrast
    Switchover kmh/mph mode
    Integrated storage chip for data backup (total and setting values)
    Battery type - receiver (Rechargeable battery)
    Battery type - transmitter (CR 2032)
    13 h receiver battery life*
    1.4 year transmitter battery life*
    Watertight (IPX7)

Total values

    Total distance for multiple bikes (3)
    Total trip time for multiple bikes (3)
    Total kcal for multiple bikes (3)
    Total altitude gain for multiple bikes (3)
    Maximum altitude for multiple bikes (3)
    Total distance uphill for multiple bikes (3)
    Total trip time uphill for multiple bikes (3)
    Total altitude loss for multiple bikes (3)
    Total distance downhill for multiple bikes (3)
    Total trip time downhill for multiple bikes (3)

Altitude calibration

    3 preset start altitudes
    Calibration using air pressure at sea level
    Calibration via current altitude

PC interface

    PC interface
    Transmission of the settings to the bike computer
    Automatic LOG book
    Memory capacity of approx. 249 hours
    Programmable recording interval
(1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 s)
    Rest time calculation for selected memory interval
    Transmission of the trip values to the PC
    Transmission of the total values to the PC

DATA CENTER 3 functions

    Individual memory evaluation
    Comparison of 2 individual memories
    Summary of total values
    Device settings via PC
    Statistical evaluation
    Calendar function
    Displaying the trip cycled in graph format
    Displaying the speed, cadence, heart rate, and temperature in graph format
    Comparison of two LOGs
    Distribution of the heart rate zones
    Intensity zone distribution
    Start altitude correction available
    Sub-area evaluation
    Print all evaluations
    Note function
    Deletion of LOG sections/parts of the LOG
* With high quality batteries and 1 hour use per day or 4536 mi year at 12.43 mph average speed (batteries available from SIGMA SPORT®)

** optional with ROX 10.0 GPS without transmitter

*** The ROX® 10.0 comes with two options for displaying the power.
Option 1 (formula): Calculation of the power from the system weight (cyclist + bike), wind resistance, incline, speed, and cadence (cadence transmitter required) data.
Option 2 (ANT+ power meter): Measurement of the power using an ANT+ power meter from another manufacturer (e.g. SRM etc.)

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