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 تلمبه دوشاخ SKS MSP

تلمبه دوشاخ SKS MSP

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تلمبه دوشاخ SKS MSP

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MSP (Mountain Suspension Pump) is a must in every backpack. The flexible steel mesh hose unscrews from the pump barrel for compact travel. The valve connection is made with a new 2-stage thread connector, making it possible to screw on and off without loss of pressure. Pressure reduction dial allows you to reach exactly the desired value.

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‎۰ تومان


  • Flexible stainless mesh hose unscrews from pump barrel for compact travel. Includes travel bag.
  • Valve connection is made with 2-stage thread connector to prevent loss of pressure.
  • Pressure Reduction Dial
  • 195mm Length, 154 g
  • Output: 290 psi / 20 bar

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وزن 325.0000

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