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  1. زنجیر 10 سرعته Shimano Deore HG54

    Shimano Deore HG54 10 Speed Chain

    HG-X Chain uses a directional design with specifically shaped inner and outer plates to optimise shifting over the chainset and cassette.

    ‎۰ تومان
  2. زنجیر دوچرخه 11 سرعته SRAM PC-XX1

    SRAM XX1 HollowPin 11 Speed Chain

    A chain is just a chain, right? Wrong!

    Designed to work harmoniously with the SRAM xx1 Chainrings the nex 1X11 XX1 specific chain is constructed to interlink with each tooth perfectly.

    • X-Sync - A "wide tooth, narrow tooth" pattern is repeated around the pulley wheel, perfectly mirroring the chain's inner and outer links for maximum control
    ‎۰ تومان
  3. زنجیر دوچرخه 10 سرعته SRAM PC-1031

    SRAM PC1031 10 Speed Chain

    Simply stronger. The PC 1031 chain benefits from new design changes for better performance.

    SRAM chain engineers developed PowerLock as a tool free, sure and consistent way to connect our 10 speed chains. While PL does not require special tools for install, the especially tight tolerances of 10 Speed drive trains mandated that each PowerLock is good for a one-time application only.

    ‎۰ تومان
  4. زنجیر دوچرخه 9 سرعته SRAM PC-951

    SRAM PC951 9 Speed Chain

    Our most economical 9 speed PowerChain II. High quality shifting performance. Chrome Hardened rivet pins for increased durability, gray colored plates, and our PowerLink™ No weakest link" closing system.

    ‎۰ تومان
  5. لنت ترمز دوچرخه BRT615 Resin B01S

    • Fit disc brake calipers: BR-M575, BR-M525, BR-M495, BR-M355, BR-M486, BR-M485, BR-M475, BR-M465, BR-M447, BR-M446, BR-M445, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M415, BR-M395, BR-M375
    • Also fit: BR-T675, BR-T615, BR-C501
    ‎۰ تومان
  6. ست ترمز هیدرولیک جلو و عقب شیمانو Shimano XT BL-M8000

    • Brake Lever: 2 finger, Forged alloy
    • Reach Adjuster: Yes
    • Servo Wave Action Power Adjuster: Yes
    • Brake Hose Type: SM-BH90-SBM
    • Caliper Mount Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake
    • Piston Type: 2
    • Mount: Hinged clamp for quick installation, I-spec-II compatible
    • Hose length: 1700mm
    ‎۰ تومان
  7. ست ترمز هیدرولیک جلو و عقب شیمانو Shimano SLX BL-M675-B

    • Brake Caliper for Postmount Brake
    • Optimized ergonomic 2-finger brake lever
    • One-Way bleeding
    • Only I-spec B compatible - securing the shift lever on the brake lever
    • SM-RT68 Centerlock rotors in 160, 180, 203mm and CM-RT66 6-hole rotors in 160, 180, 203mm are available separately!
    ‎۰ تومان
  8. شانژمان عقب شیمانو Shimano SLX RD-M670 SGS


    SLX features Shimano's Shadow design Rear Derailleurs for superior trail clearance and crisp shifting.
    ‎۰ تومان
  9. شانژمان عقب شیمانو Shimano Zee M640 Shadow+

    • Shadow RD +
    • Short cage
    • 10-speed only
    • Shadow RD technology: Super low-profile design with built in chain stabilizer
    • DH spec - 28T Capacity
    ‎۰ تومان
  10. شانژمان عقب شیمانو Shimano XT RD-M781

    Material:[cage] aluminum, [body] aluminum
    Cage Length: GS medium, SGS long
    Maximum Front Difference: 25 T
    Pull Type: top
    Capacity: 43 T
    Compatible Components: Shimano
    Recommended Use: mountain biking
    ‎۰ تومان
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تنظیم جهت نزولی


آیتم‌های 1 تا 10 از مجموع 87 تا

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