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کفش دوچرخه سواری SH-AM700

کفش دوچرخه شیمانو SH-AM700

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  • کفش دوچرخه سواری SH-AM700 کفش دوچرخه سواری SH-AM700
  • کفش کوهستان شیمانو AM700 کفش کوهستان شیمانو AM700
  • Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes SH-AM700 Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes SH-AM700
  • کفش اندرو Shimano AM700 کفش اندرو Shimano AM700

کفش دوچرخه شیمانو SH-MT300


کلاه ایمنی دوچرخه جاینت Argus

کفش دوچرخه شیمانو SH-AM700

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کفش دوچرخه شیمانو SH-AM700 مخصوص دوچرخه دانهیل و اندرو کفه یسیار آلی برای پنجه های فلت (Flat Pedals) با کفه ویبرام (Vibram) و چسب کاور بندها برای جلوگیری از نفوز گل

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Shimano AM7 All-Mountain and Downhill flat-soled shoe with a Vibram outsole for optimum pedal connectivity, comfort and protection

Developed in conjunction with the Atherton family, Shimano’s Gravity range of downhill, enduro and BMX racing footwear has undergone quite possibly the most rigorous testing around to achieve a balance of protection, function and durability for multiple riding disciplines.

The flat soled AM7 features a reinforced high side walls for ample foot protection, and the new AM sole design for optimal rigidity and improved DH riding stability. They are finished with a Velcro strap and armoured lace shields - so you can dial in a tight but comfort fit and keep laces out of the way.

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